Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We be Stimmin'

I have to confess when I wrote this blog title, Ice Cube's 1998 Hip Hop anthem "We be Clubbin'" was in my head, so, now it's in yours.  You're welcome! 

I haven't been "clubbin" in a LONG time. Not really my scene. Currently I have a 7pm self imposed curfew.  Our evenings go a little something like this:

6:00pm: Arrive home from work. Hug & kiss. Pet the exuberant dog. Start making dinner
7:00pm: It's Lupron belly shot time! Lay down on the bed, pinch my stomach while my man tries not to make me laugh while injecting me.
7:05pm - 8:30pm: Eat dinner, catch up on each other's days, watch TV, try not to cry when watching heartwarming commercials (damn estrogen), wash dishes, feed the dog
8:30pm: Take Estradiol pill, change Estrogen patch
9:30pm: Get to bed to get the required 8+ hours of sleep each night

This is the glamorous life people. Hopefully to only be made more glamorous by the addition of a bundle of joy and the accompanying poo, love, spit up, piles of laundry, cuddles, breast pumps and other accouterments. But I digress. The purpose of this post is to announce that today is our donor's first day of stimulation! Whoo hooo! The egg train is officially leaving the station.  

Our donor will spend the next two weeks following a strict protocol and schedule to stimulate her ovaries to produce what we hope will be a bounty of healthy eggs. She will go to the doctor almost daily for ultrasounds and blood work and we will receive regular progress reports from the nursing staff. 

My job is to get my uterus in tip top shape. I'll be on estrogen and then progesterone to make sure I have a fabulous uterine lining for our embryo to implant. I'm also supposed to get plenty of rest every night, drink a ton of water, have no caffeine or alcohol and be in a general state of zen. Good thing I've always been a rule follower. I'm all over this!

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  1. Okay, Lindsay's uterus...it's go time. You need to put on your best behavior and be a really nice host. We're talking Ritz Carlton style.