Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pulling the Infertility Card

This week I walked into my bank to ask for the largest cashier's check I have ever requested  in my life. More than when I've purchased a car or closed on our home...it was a BIG check.  The funds had been sitting safely in our savings account waiting to make their way onto a slip of paper made payable to our infertility specialists. I stepped up to the counter and provided my ID and account information and requested my money.

The teller began processing the check and then told me there would be a $10 bank fee to "process" the cashiers check. One would think that once you're pulling five figures from your savings account, what's $10 more? Oh, not so fast my friend! I asked the teller if he could waive the fee because my motto is that it never hurts to ask. :) He kindly informed me that unfortunately he could not and continued the $10 worth of processing he was doing. He had to call the bank manager over to approve and sign the check since it was above the amount he could authorize and I was struck by inspiration. 

I leaned across the counter and said to the manager, "Excuse me, but to you have the authority to waive this $10 administrative fee?" He took a look at the computer screen, and back at me and asked if I was making a down payment on a house to which I replied, "No, but I'm making a down payment on my family with IVF. Can you help me out with this fee?"

I walked out of the bank with my hefty check, an extra $10 left in my bank account, and a spring in my step. Sometimes the little victories count.


  1. Congratulations! You have to celebrate these little victories, especially when it is just so physically painful to put down all that money for a chance. Good for you fighting for that $10! I love, LOVE that you called it "putting a down payment on my family with IVF." Beautifully stated!

  2. Woohoo! I love that you had the courage to speak up and advocate for yourself...even for "just" 10 bucks. You go girl.