Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A thankful heart

We received our final instructions for our IVF procedure today and I am filled with a mixture of excitement and nervous energy, but mostly excitement. We are taking the next steps towards creating our family and it seems so REAL now. I'm also filled with a profound sense of appreciation for the people who are helping us make this happen. I cannot say enough about the phenomenal nursing staff at Conceptions Reproductive Associates. These women are rockstars! They have answered my plethora of questions, returned my emails late in the evening, early in the morning and on weekends. The amount of coordination involved for each of their patients is mind boggling. Everything in the IVF process is incredibly time sensitive...take this dose of this pill on this day followed by this dose of this injection on this day, then take this patch and apply to your abdomen, then have this blood work drawn, but it has to be within 2 hours of this shot on this get the picture. The nurses manage these details with ease and map out each step of the process so it is palatable and doable for their patients. It must be some sort of Jedi mind trick. Bottom line, they are awesome, kind, warm women and my heart is thankful.

I'm perhaps most thankful to the woman who I will likely never meet, but will see reflected in the  child we will hopefully welcome soon. I have some insight into the person she is through her profile. I know how tall she is, her personal and family medical history, her hobbies and talents, what she studied in college, how many siblings she has and a handful of precious photos of her as a baby, toddler and child. She is impressive on paper, but moreover I'm impressed with her commitment to helping us. Yes, she is receiving financial compensation for her gift, but this is not an easy process. She will be taking some serious drugs, rescheduling her life for doctors appointments, blood draws, ultrasounds and an egg retrieval all to help make our dream of becoming parents a reality and I heart her. :)

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