Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pop Quiz!

Guess who has two thumbs and an awesome uterus? This girl!

This week I had more "lady doctor" visits than any one person should have in a year. After 2 hysteroscopies, one ultrasound, a doppler exam and trial embryo transfer, the doctors and nurses agree that my uterus is a great place for an embryo! So far the mock cycle has been a success. I've responded well to the pills and hormone patches and things are moving forward as planned.

We're headed into the final week of the mock cycle and now the fun part begins...the injections.  The awesome nursing staff taught Ken how to deliver the shots with what I hope will be minimal discomfort and even drew circles on my rear with a magic marker so he has targets. I'm very thankful Ken isn't squeamish about needles and is up to the task!

Eyes on the prize! 

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