Sunday, June 9, 2013

Half of a Third?

This Tuesday will mark our sixth week of pregnancy, halfway through the tumultuous first trimester and 1/6 of the way to a baby six years and over $40K in the making. Of our handful of friends and family who know we are expecting, I'm often asked how it's going and how I'm feeling. Thus far, the main symptom has been fatigue. Around 1:30 each day I REALLY want to take a nap and on the weekends, I do. On weeknights I find myself nodding off to whatever television show we are watching around 8:00 pm. It isn't even dark out, and I'm ready for bed. No "morning sickness" as of yet,  but I have experienced some mid-day nausea. I'm pretty sure I looked like a crazy person last Friday walking to lunch. Everything I smelled made me want to gag as I walked through Downtown Denver. It is not a notoriously smelly city, but strolling past alleyways, hot dog vendors and businessmen with too much cologne was about all I could stand. 

Overall, I'm feeling good, the lumps in my rear have gone from golf-ball sized to a more manageable nickel or quarter size and I have only had one-night of hard core night sweats. Side note, I had a funny realization the other day when looking through my texts with my husband. If someone didn't know we were doing progesterone injections, they might think they had stumbled upon the missives of a couple into some strangely kinky and passionate stuff.  The sheer amount of texts exchanged having to do with my posterior were staggering.  I think I should password protect my phone lest someone think they have the transcript for the next E.L. James novel.

Right now, our little bean is actually a legume. He or she is lentil-sized and is developing at a rapid rate.  In one more week we will have our first ultrasound where we will anxiously await to hear little Embry's heartbeat. I'm going to go ahead and call it that I will be a weepy mess when we hear that quick galloping horse sound on the doppler. Not to go all Oprah and The Secret on you, but I'm keeping my head in a positive place.  No doubting. We're going to hear a healthy heartbeat. Period. :) 

So that's the latest on our first half of our first third of pregnancy and as it is now 1:15 on Sunday, I am readying myself for a little afternoon siesta. 


  1. You crack me up! I wonder sometimes, too, about emails and texts and voicemails having to do with vaginas and butts and all that jazz. It would make a pretty dismal 50 Shades... I'm so excited that you're tired, because that means the baby is sapping your energy to grow, grow, GROW! I can't imagine all those smells. You smell better when you're pregnant too, which is a blessing and a curse for sure. I"m excited for your galloping horses, can't wait for you to hear that beautiful sound.

  2. I'm keeping my head in a positive place for you as well. Yep, you're going to hear that amazingly beautiful heartbeat music and it will be the best moment ever. So exciting.