Friday, October 3, 2014

A new space

Operation Baby Gage has evolved. It began as a chronicle of our infertility journey, shifted into my pregnancy blog, and now has sporadically become a place for me to blog about motherhood. That has left me feeling slightly unsettled. Is this the right forum for my blog? Technically Operation Baby Gage is "Mission Accomplished," so what now?

The most amazing thing happened when I started to share my story through this blog. I realized that I loved writing. Not only was it therapeutic, but it brought me a sense of joy and purpose in a stressful time. Now, navigating a HUGE paradigm shift into parenthood, I've found more than ever I want (and need) to take time to write. With that in mind, I set out to find out what I wanted to write about. Lots of thought and brainstorming led me to the concept for my new blog. The word that kept springing to mind for me was "Moderate".

I've found that I'm a fairly moderate when it comes to most things in life. I'm middle class, I subscribe to a moderate political ideology, and don't lean too far in one direction or another when it comes to most parenting debates. My philosophy? Do what works and keeps you and your family happy and healthy (mentally and physically). I also tend to be the natural moderator and peace-keeper in my relationships. So, Moderate Momma was born!

The Mission & Spirit of Moderate Momma
  • This is blog community where moms can share, learn and grow without feeling they aren’t measuring up. Ideas are shared in the spirit of collaboration!
  • Moderate Momma should make you feel good, provide inspiration and camaraderie,and make you laugh.
  • This is a Guilt-Free zone, no shaming one another for parenting choices.
  • Recognizing that all moms are coming at parenthood from different places (socially, economically, culturally, and relationally) I will strive to remove "Always", "Never", and "Should" from my vocabulary.
  • No "Pinterest Perfection." I promise to share the good, bad and the ugly without an Instagram filter. :)

I'll obviously be posting my thoughts on motherhood, but will also post other non-parenting musings, share my crafty endeavors (when I finally finish one), and generally share my life. I sincerely hope you'll make the hop with me and follow my new blog and share it with the other Moderate Mommas in your life!


  1. Good for you Lindsey! I love the title! And I LOVE that Operation Baby Gage's status is Mission Accomplished! How cool is that!?!?!

  2. Congrats on moving to a new space! I also love the Mission Accomplished piece of things. Fabulous! I love the moderate-ness of your new space too -- a judgment-free zone! :) I'll jump with you for sure.