Thursday, August 21, 2014

6 Month Review

When I was working full time outside of the home, I would have a professional review every 6 months. Upon celebrating Arlo's 6 month of life last week, I thought it would be good to take stock of where we are, how things are going, and what life is like with our 6 month old little man. 

The Stats:

  • 18lbs, 2oz, 28" long 
  • 90th percentile for length and head size, 75th percentile for weight (future sports star perhaps?)

The Milestones:

  • Arlo has mastered rolling over (both ways, although he forgets that he knows how to get from his tummy over to his back and fusses)
  • Arlo has also started sitting up all on his own! 

  • He also just recently started pushing up and pulling his knees under his body and rocking back and forth. We've got to get on the baby proofing train, stat! This boy is about to start crawling!
  • Arlo started solid foods at about 5.5 months. His current favorite is the Gerber mix of pears, carrots and peas. He tears it up!
  • By far the biggest milestone (in mommas eyes) has been sleeping blessedly through the night! He has started sleeping in 8 - 10 hour stretches and it feels AMAZING!
  • No teeth yet, but he's a drool machine and I think it's could happen any day now. 
  • Nothing within arms reach is safe any longer. Gone are the days of me eating dinner while holding him. His inquisitive hands are EVERYWHERE. Last week he ended up with a hand dipped in queso. 

Favorite Toys:

  • This boy LOVES his exersaucer. Seriously the best $45 piece of used equipment we have ever purchased. Yes, I recognize that I am the same woman who said (pre-baby) that I didn't want to buy a bunch of baby gear that I might not need just for the sake of having it. I stand corrected. Buy all the gear! It will give you multiple options when you need a safe place to sit your baby to do things like...go pee, make dinner, respond to an email, ANYTHING. Do yourself a favor though and don't buy these things new. They have such a short use life with your growing and changing little one, get your craigslist, FB garage sale and consignment store on! 

  • He's also really into his Fisher Price ring stacking set and bucket of blocks. Simplicity. :)

Mommy's Favorites:

  • Babywearing. No, this isn't some flaky fashion trend, it's been my lifesaver and a precious way to bond with my boy. He seems to like it too.

  • Sweet Giggles. The first time Arlo laughed, I started crying. It was literally the sweetest, most precious sound I've ever heard. It is now my daily goal to get at least one good belly laugh out of this boy each day. I'm pretty sure it makes the world a better place.


  1. He looks like such a happy boy! You have done a great job, mama.

  2. I can't get over how incredibly adorable and super happy Arlo is! What a beautiful 6-month review. I also love your tips on baby gear -- I feel like there are some things that someday I will want new, but also some things that just don't make sense. Good information to have! Those giggles made me happy...