Wednesday, February 5, 2014

40+ Weeks...Eviction Notice

Alright kiddo. Let me paint a picture for you. Your mom and dad are so ready to meet you. We have moved into a new home and decorated a sweet pad for you. You have a plethora of cuddly blankets, stimulating toys, organic cotton diapers to pamper your bum, adorable clothes to keep you comfy (all pre-washed in safe, non-toxic laundry soap) and four arms ready to hold you. 

I have dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, pre-made frozen dinners and washed every stitch of dirty laundry in this house to give us a leg up once you arrive. You really should get here so you can see your home this clean. It probably won't be this orderly again until you're old enough to help with chores!

Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this time with you in my belly before you arrive and I'm trying. Unfortunately, you are waking me every 45 minutes at night with an urgent bathroom run, a kick to the ribs, or just plain old fun heartburn. Mama is officially bleary-eyed and would much rather be awake at night nursing you and looking at you than bemoaning the not-so-fun side effects of late pregnancy.

As much as we fought for this pregnancy, I feel selfish to complain this late in the game, but I'm doing it. This hasn't just been a 40 week process. It's actually been 338 weeks of waiting to meet you and bring you home to our family. Don't keep your mama waiting much longer. We are READY (or as ready as any first time parents can be).  So this missive serves as your eviction notice. It's time to come meet the world and all the people who love you! 


  1. Eeek! Eviction noticed served! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Well, not about the not-so-fun side effects of late pregnancy, but about the meeting your sweet boy part! Can't wait!

  2. HA! This is awesome! I hope he listens. Do you hear that, Arlo? LISTEN TO YOUR MAMA!!! Good luck, and man, you sound so ready! And organized! You are like a boy scout you're so prepared. I hope it's soon!