Wednesday, May 8, 2013's a verb

Today is Resolve's Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. I've been following the tweets and Facebook posts as infertility advocates have taken to the nation's capital to meet with our legislators to implore them to support the Family Act.

The Family Act is a tax credit bill that will cover the out-of-pocket costs incurred for the medical treatment of infertility. If passed, this bill will help thousands of couples defray the cost of treatment, specifically IVF. The bill has been modeled after the Adoption Tax Credit that has given couples the help needed to build their families for years. 

Our lawmakers support legislation that matters to their constituents so it's up to us to let them know that the Family Act is important! 

You don't have to be personally struggling with infertility to advocate for this legislation. I'm asking you, my family and friends, to take 3 minutes to complete an online form to send an email to your representative and senators. You have the time to do this, I promise! :) If you have time to check Facebook, play Candy Crush Saga, or flip through your DVR queue, you can take 3 minutes to send a message to your elected officials. Please consider making a difference today.

For more information on the Family Act click here.

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  1. Thanks for linking this up! I just followed the link and sent my letter! To be honest, I probably wouldn't have done it if you hadn't reminded me, so thanks again Lindsey!